School Counseling PK-12 (M.Ed.)

School Counseling PK-12 (M.S.)

CU-果冻传媒官网's M.S. in School Counseling provides a balance of academic and theoretical learning with a strong focus on practical application of knowledge, skills, and dispositions to prepare students to lead as 21st century school counselors. The program specifically prepares students to become leaders, advocates, and change agents as outlined by the American School Counselor Association National Model.

Degrees & Offerings
  • M.S.
  • Certificate
Format Option(s)
  • Hybrid (Online + In-Person Field Experience)
Program Contact
School Counseling (PK-12) M.S. Program Coordinator
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M.S. School Counseling Program Details

  • ***Fall 2024 Application Deadline: All applications need to be submitted and complete by May 1, 2024 for admission consideration for the Fall 2024 cohort.
  • Program Delivery - Courses delivered 100% online with an鈥 in-person practicum/internship in schools (in your preferred geographic location within Pennsylvania).
  • Coursework - Program includes 16 courses for 48 credits.
  • Flexible Start Dates - Applications are accepted for the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.
  • Program Options - Full-time and part-time options available. Full-time students generally finish in 2 years.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Approved鈥 鈥- Our program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and program completers are eligible to earn a Pennsylvania PK-12 Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Certificate.
  • Who Should Apply - Great fit for students from ANY UNDERGRADUATE MAJOR! But most common undergraduate majors include psychology, sociology, education, social work, and communications.
  • Faculty Expertise - The core faculty consists of experts in the field of school counseling, current school counseling professionals, and other university professors of education who provide optimal learning opportunities. 

Courses and Curriculum

Leadership Core (6 credits)

  • EDL501 Organizational Behavior & Program Development
  • EDL503 School Law, Ethics, and Finance

Research Core (6 credits)

  • EDL502 Data Driven Decisions
  • EDL590 Educational Research and Writing

PK-12 School Counseling Courses (36 credits)

  • COUN500 Counseling Skills and Helping Relationships
  • COUN502 Career Development and Post-Secondary Readiness
  • COUN508 Appraisal Techniques
  • COUN510 Group Counseling and Leadership Skills
  • COUN520 Human Growth and Development
  • COUN525 Multicultural Counseling Competency
  • COUN550 Orientation to Professional School Counseling
  • COUN555 Contemporary Issues in Professional School Counseling
  • COUN597 Practicum in School Counseling
  • COUN598 Internship in School Counseling
  • Counseling Elective (with program coordinator permission)

Blank advising sheet

Application Process

  • Complete a  (Contact Dr. Cerrito for application fee waiver)
  • Submit an official undergraduate transcript (3.0 undergraduate GPA)
  • Submit a Statement of Goals that explains the applicant鈥檚 reasons for pursuing a graduate career as a school counselor
  • Submit a current resume
  • Submit three letters of recommendation that address the applicant鈥檚 academic suitability and professional demeanor

Application Deadlines

Applications received after these deadlines will be considered on a space-available basis:

  • April 1: for full consideration in Summer 2024 
  • May 1: for full consideration in Fall 2024 
  • November 1: for full consideration in Winter 2024 
  • November 1: for full consideration in Spring 2025 
  • April 1: for full consideration for Summer 2025 and Fall 2025
  • ***Applications received after these deadlines will be reviewed on a space available basis.
  • To earn the M. S. with certification, candidates must complete all requirements for the 48 credit degree and pass the School Counseling Praxis Exam.
  • Candidates interested in the Post Master's Certificate in School Counseling are reviewed on an individual basis to evaluate courses and credits required to earn PA school counseling certification. The Post Master's Certificate in School Counseling is reserved for those students who already have a master鈥檚 degree in counseling or a related field. Students pursuing the Post Master's Certificate in School Counseling must also pass the School Counseling Praxis exam in order to become certified.
  • Retention: Graduate students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students who do not take classes in either the Fall and/or Spring semester(s) will be considered inactive. Students are required to contact their Academic Advisor or Graduate Program Coordinator with their request to be reactivated. Their request is then forwarded to the Office of Graduate Admissions, who will process the reactivation. Students have six calendar years to complete their chosen degree or certification program.
  • Transfer Credits: Upon acceptance, students desiring to transfer credits may make this request upon application to their chosen program. Upon approval, degree students may transfer up to a maximum of nine semester hours or parallel courses (determined by BU) from accredited institutions. These courses will be applied towards completing the degree requirements of the program. However, no courses will be transferred in which a grade less than a B was earned. Pass/fail grades are not acceptable.
  • Q: Do I need a degree in counseling, psychology, or education to be admitted? 
    A: No - it鈥檚 an excellent fit for students from any undergraduate major. Some of the more common applicant majors are psychology, sociology, communications, and education. 
  • Q: If I complete the 果冻传媒官网 M.S. School Counseling is my only career option to become a school counselor? 
    A: No - We鈥檝e had alumni go into mental health counseling, college counseling, career counseling, academic advising, and college admissions. 
  • Q: How is the program delivered? 
    A: All coursework is offered online, except for field placement experiences (practicum and internship - which can be completed in your preferred geographic location).
  • Q: When can I start? 
    A: Applications are accepted for the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.
  • Q: Do I need to take the GRE in order to apply? 
    A. No - the GRE is not required for admission.

The Husky Difference

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation is one of only two nationally recognized accrediting bodies for educator preparation
CAEP accreditation ensures we prepare new teachers to know their subjects, their students, and have the clinical training that allows them to enter the classroom ready to teach effectively.
100% Online
Practicum and Internships completed in-person and in the student's preferred geographic location


In addition to a school setting, having a degree in School Counseling opens the door to many exciting and diverse opportunities.

Potential Job Opportunities

  • School Counselor
  • College Counselor
  • College Admissions Counselor
  • Health and Wellness Counselor
  • Academic Advisor

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As a corrections education school counselor, I am making a positive difference in the lives of students. I am grateful for the learning experiences I鈥檝e had in the School Counseling program at 果冻传媒官网 which ultimately led to my current position. I was confident going into every interview I had because I really knew my stuff!

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